What we do


From a contact strategy to design to build to implementation

We have a highly skilled team that has the eCRM lifecycle covered. We always look beyond the brief, to make sure that our plan ladders up to your business objectives.

It’s as simple as taking a hard look at your quantitive and qualitative data to get behind trends and insights that start to form hard-working segments. Once you have those, what to say becomes easy!

What do we want to achieve? A behavioural change? A purchase? Mapping out a contact strategy that works to solve a business problem is key. Is it a fully automated journey with dynamic content for multiple segments, or is it just being smarter in messaging for batch & blast campaigns to raise awareness? Whichever it is, it needs planning.

What is it you need? Award-winning design? A build that puts good practice at its core? Charming and effective copy? Video? Our in-house production teams will put their heads down and create all the assets required to fulfil your communication dreams.

Exact Target, Marketo, Experian, Salesforce, Pure360, SilverPop, Selligent, Smart Focus?  What’s your flavour? We work with a multitude of ESP platforms. We can suggest one if you need one, or use one if you have one.

From automation to segmentation, personalisation to dynamic content, data collection to 3rd party integration, we have our clients covered. And of course, everything we do is rooted in testing for improvement.

Whether you are creating a new eCRM programme, or want to improve your existing assets, testing is the best way to achieve this. We test subject lines, content, colours, layout, calls to action and feasibly anything that appears.

We test with a view to making emails as relevant as possible for the segments they are delivered to, and to be honest, we are always amazed what a small change can do for engagement, even an image can have a large impact.

All that work, all that investment, how do you know it worked?

Setting out clear goals for conversion is key in the early stages of planning. Results are tracked through dashboards filled with data, response and engagement KPI’s. We’ll even take it beyond the classic eCRM metrics to include engagement of your web and social platforms, or even data from questionnaires and panels.

A true eCRM programme works in tandem with all your digital touch points. We work with our clients to show how eCRM content can flex into social earned and paid spaces, across your website real estate and even into your hard-working display advertising.

The broader digital world supporting your eCRM can go a long way.