From Bump
to Baby



Lansinoh had a lifecycle programme which helped mums not only understand what was happening with the development of their baby while pregnant but helped support mums with baby’s arrival and the world of breastfeeding. Their email programme, although filled with really useful information, felt dated in design with difficult copy to process. They were keen to increase their engagement rates in this channel.


Mums have a lot of stress around giving birth, never mind breastfeeding. We wanted to test whether problem/solution type content might resonate better with how mum was feeling before and after birth.


Starting with 4 key emails that were underperforming, we began to construct a series of A/B tests. We started by tackling open rates through robust subject line testing and then continued to test the user journey through click-rates where the design and content of the email where A/B tested. In each test, we looked at introducing subject lines and content that quickly ascertained what the mum might be experiencing, vs telling them something new.

Generally, we found that experiential subject lines increased open rates by 4% in some cases. The uplift of the design and restructuring of the copy also saw good uplift results in results wherein one case CTO went from 20% to 28%. We were all happy!