Content Fit
for dogs



Eukanuba was looking to create a world-class eCRM programme to support the full life-cycle of a dog. They were keen to take dog owners and breeders on a journey with them, keeping the Eukanuba brand front of mind.


Like any eCRM programme, relevance is key to connecting with your customer base. We began by looking at what segments could be created to get this programme off the ground. To start, research showed us that a dog’s age has the most impact on relevance over health or breed differences. We then structured a monthly programme around small, medium, large and extra large breed sizes which fell nicely inline with Eukanuba’s product offer.


Working closely with Eukanuba’s in-house vet, we developed content that covered the key life stages of your dog, marrying these up with the wide product offer for dogs. The messaging laddered up to the common theme of “life-long well-being” where Eukanuba positions themselves as not only a food choice but a trusted partner in ensuring your dog lives a happy, healthy and active life.

The programme is new, and very much continues to develop, but has shown some lovely results within the preliminary lifecycle journeys going live. Emails are seeing an open rate of 24% and a click rate of 9%, both performing above the industry average in the first 3 months of the programme. In addition, unsubscribe rates of <1%, so we can safely say the content is relevant!